Prewound Bobbins

Frequently Asked Questions about Prewound Bobbins

Why use prewounds when I can wind my own?

Our prewound bobbins are wound by high tech machines which provide a smooth, uniform wind. The result is much more thread on the bobbin than a self-wound bobbin. Having to stop in the middle of a project to change the bobbin is always an inconvenience.

Almost all major machine companies now sell prewound bobbins. Our range includes two different 'Styles' of bobbin, namely 'L' Style and 'M' Style. What's the differance? Well, these are the two most common styles of prewound bobbins, with the ‘L’ style being the most common, 80% compatible with home machines. The ‘M’ Style bobbin is larger and compatible with some longarm machines (A-1, Gammill, Handi Quilter, Homesteader, some Noltings)

Manufacturers have now realised the benefits of prewounds and have moved towards manufacturing the machines to be compatible with the ‘L’ Style bobbin. Our advice is to buy the ‘L’ style bobbin unless you own one of the machines listed above.

We stock Superbobs, which are the Bottomline Polyester thread and Frostings, which are the Cotton Masterpiece thread.


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