Superior Threads – MonoPoly 2400yds

Some quilters & embroiderers have frowned on using invisible thread in the past, mainly due to its thickness and the risk that nylon invisible thread would eventually become brittle from exposure to light or heat. Now that invisible thread is available in a thin, polyester version from Superior Threads, using invisible thread presents many advantages for the machine quilter.

Superior MonoPoly is a fine Polyester monofilament thread size.004 and is soft and easy to work with, great for quilters and embroiderers alike.

We recommend this product over other ‘invisible’ threads because its polyester, the others are Nylon. Nylon thread should not exist in your sewing supplies unless you want the thread to melt. Nylon threads, whether they are woollie-type threads or invisible monofilament threads, have a very low melting temperature, discolour or "yellow" over time, and go brittle. Polyester threads exist in both the woollie-type and the invisible monofilament. Polyester has a high heat tolerance, will not discolor, or go yellow.

If you check your invisible thread and it’s labelled "polyamide," (another fancy name for nylon) that is not polyester, but the chemical name for nylon. A polyamide monofilament will melt and get all over your iron.To order you must be registered.

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